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Kingdom Goldens is proud to present

The "Cartoon" Litter

4 girls and 6 boys
born June 21, 2012

Red Girl, Light Blue Boy, Orange Boy, Green Girl, Pink Girl,
Yellow Boy, Dark Blue Boy, Rose Girl, Purple Boy, Black Boy
Sire: GCH,CH Tempo's U've Got What Get's Me "Player"
Dam: Kingdom's Naughty Nightie  "Teddie"

Both parents have OFA Hip Clearance, 
OFA "Normal" Elbows, Heart Clearance, 
and a yearly CERF Eye Clearance 

(a special thanks to the wonderful Dr. Esmond and his staff 
for a safe delivery of all 10 babies)

*There are no puppies currently available from this litter.

here they are...10 babies on June 18

Presenting the "Cartoon" Litter:

Red Girl     "Minnie"

Light Blue Boy     "Casper"

Orange Boy    "Tigger"

Green Girl   "Lucy"

Pink Girl  "Madeline"

Yellow Boy    "Pluto"

Dark Blue Boy    "Linus"

Rose Girl    "Roo"

Purple Boy    "Kipper"

Black Boy  "Mickey"

Cartoon babies minutes old...

Newborn "Lucy"

Home at last...one day old

Teddie and one day old Mickey...

Teddie and Pluto...3 days old

The Cartoon Kids are 10 days old:


Minnie        20 oz

Casper  31.5 oz

Tigger  2 pounds .5oz

Lucy  24.5oz

Madeline  23.5 oz

Pluto  27 oz

Linus  27.5 oz

Roo   24.5 oz

Kipper  27.5 oz

Mickey  29 oz

Sweet baby Minnie

Baby Roo...

Kipper, Minnie, Tigger

Mickey   4 weeks old

Lucy, Tigger, Kipper     4 weeks

First Time Outside             July 23, 2012

First time on concrete...

First time drinking water...

Minnie meets the gate...


Linus, Lucy, Madeline...First time down steps

Minnie is the brave one...

Casper...4 weeks

Madeline with Roo (background)

Mickey   4 weeks

Minnie and the step   (4 weeks)

Pluto  (4weeks)

First time on dirt...

Roo   (4weeks)

Madeline  (5 weeks)

Pluto, Minnie, Roo    (5 weeks)

(5 weeks)

(5 weeks)

(5 weeks)

Pluto wide awake...

Minnie  (5 weeks)

First Taste of dog food:

A very full Mickey

What a mess!

Messy Minnie

Baby Minnie goes for a ride while Aunt Piper sleeps

Tigger  (5 1/2 weeks)

Cartoon Pool Party
Day 1:

Day 2...

Madeline vs the fence...


Mickey meets his big cousin "Charlie" 

Kissing Cousins...

Kipper  (6 weeks)



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