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Kingdom Goldens is proud to present
The "Disney" Litter
starring in order of appearance
Red Boy, Rose Girl, Dark Green Boy, Dark Blue Boy,
Light Green Girl, Purple Girl, and Light Blue Boy
born April 14, 2009
proud parents Teddie (Kingdom's Naughtie Nightie)
and Grady (CH Camlin's Saltwater Rig)  
*To view information on Grady, visit camlingoldens.com
*All puppies from this litter are in their new homes
Teddie with our little miracle, Red Boy
The first 3 pups have arrrived
 Purple Girl


                       Light Blue Boy                                    Purple Girl, Green Boy, Rose Girl
Teddie and the Disney kids
Purple Girl, Rose Girl, Green Boy

                    The Disney Boys:                                                Dark Blue Boy
        Red, Blue, Dark Green, Light Blue



       The Disney Girls:  Purple Girl, Rose Girl, and Lime Green Girl

Lime Green Girl                                                                 Naptime
One week old today!

Teddie and Purple Girl                          Teddie and the Disney kids (one week)
Mickey and the Disney Kids (11 days old)



                         Light Blue Boy                                      Rose Girl

              Red Boy, Dark Blue Boy                        Light Blue Boy, Green Boy
Disney kids are getting bigger!
   Light Blue boy opens his eyes!                 Lime Green Girl opens her eyes!   

                          Purple Girl and Rose Girl open their eyes!  
Light Blue Boy takes a nap
4-30-09  Red Boy taking a nap

4-30-09 The Disney Boys:  Dark Blue, Red, Green, Light Blue

4-30-09 The Disney Girls:  Purple, Lime Green, and (below) Rose

  Green Boy, Dark Blue Boy                                     Purple Girl, Light Blue Boy
4-30-09   Red Boy, Lime Green Girl

             Blue Boy sitting up                                            Purple Girl sitting up
Dinner time

               We can bark now! (Green Boy)                 Red Boy and Lime Green Girl

Light Blue Boy


Rose Girl sitting up


Teddie with Green Boy and Blue Boy                                         Playtime!

5-6  Green Boy and Purple Girl 
Lime Green Girl

Naptime for Lime Green Girl and Red Boy 
Light Blue Boy says, "Happy Mother's Day!"
The Disney Kids are getting bigger!                            Red Boy and Purple Girl
Red Boy meets Grandma Andie (left) and Great-Grandma Anna (right)
Our first drink of water on our 1st day outside!
The Disney Kids have their first meal!
Green Boy

                                                                                           Dark Blue Boy



              Light Blue Boy                                                      Red Boy

                                 Rose Girl
                         Purple Girl
Lime Green Girl

                                                                                                                 We LOVE to eat!
The Disney Kids are 6 weeks old!

Green Boy
                         Red Boy

                               Dark Blue Boy                                             Light Blue Boy
Rose Girl

                              Purple Girl                                                 Lime Green Girl



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