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Teddie Memorial




We are very proud of Teddie's puppies!
Here are just a few:

from the "Rock and Roll" Litter
proud daddy: Grady
born December 24, 2009

Kingdom's Bohemian Rhapsody 
(lime green boy)

Harry at the DFWMGRC Specialty   March 23, 2012
2 years old

pictured at 15 months old

Harry showing in the 12-18 month class
DFWMGRC Specialty
March 25, 2011

Kingdom's Holy Roller Novocaine By KOL
(dark green boy)

Caleb's 2nd birthday!

16 months old...

16 months...

Kingdom's My Generation
(black boy)
pictured at 15 months old
15 months

from the "Easy" Litter
proud daddy: Harley
born September 11, 2010

(Black Boy)

April 2012     19 months

8 months
8 months
1 year old!

Brody...2 years old...

and another at 2 years old...

(Green Girl)

1 year old!

"Bear" (as in Baylor "Bear"!!)
(Lime Green Boy)
1 year old!

The "Food" Litter
born April 22, 2011

(Brown Boy)

4 months old...

(Orange Girl)
*NOTE:  Ginger was our miracle baby.  The one we bottle-fed around the clock.  The one who climbed the mountain and made it.  All of our puppies are special, but Ginger will always be a part of me...

4 days old...
4 months old...
4 months
Ginger with her brother
(Dark Blue Boy)
4 months (Cooper is in front)

(Green Girl)

6 1/2  months old!



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