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We do not currently have any puppies available.

Golden in every way...
February 5, 2002-October 3,2013

Andie (11 years) and her newborn grandson...

We are so proud of our youngest girl
Kingdom's Scrumdiddlyumptious
from The "Candy" Litter
born May 26, 2012 
"Charlie" plays the puppy in Garry Brown's new movie
"Charlie: A Toy Story"
 released on DVD April 2013 
starring Drew Waters, Rheagan Wallace, and Raymond Ochoa
*see Charlie's page at "Our Girls" for pictures and information! 

This is our first litter born 11 years ago on February 5, 2002.
We will never forget the 4 boys and 6 girls born on that snowy day
to our sweet "Anna" and one of my favorite boys, "Clipper".
Every puppy born in the Kingdom goes back to this litter,
and it all began with the firstborn, "Andie"...

        Emily (5 months) and Andie (2 days)    (11 years ago)                                      The "Fairy Tale Litter" with Anna (2-7-2002)


Welcome to Kingdom Golden Retrievers.
We are located in Fort Worth, Texas.
We are very proud of our breeding program
and hope you will enjoy our dogs as much as we do!




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